Image by Brigitte Tohm

Freeing up valuable resources for an F&B brand to focus on acquiring more customers online

Ounced is a Singapore-based coffee brand on a grand pursuit — to source and deliver great-tasting coffee for everyone to enjoy. Together, we worked to deliver on that promise.

Services: Done-for-you Shopify website, Website Design, Art Direction


Quickly establish online brand presence within 1 week

Freed up time for Ounced to focus on sales and customer acquisition



The Ounced founders had extensive digital marketing knowledge but they wanted to focus on sales and customer acquisition. They just didn’t have the time to set up their Shopify store by themselves.

The coffee product was ready but they needed to quickly set up their digital presence to start delivering their delicious roast to potential customers!

Partnering with Jellybolt

Ounced needed a web design company in Singapore to set up and design their Shopify store so that they can focus on other parts of the business.

After deciding on a Shopify theme and with their brand guidelines in hand, we took over the website design, graphic design and customisation of their Shopify store.


Ounced established their brand presence online quickly and most of their coffee drip bags were sold out within weeks!

Nothing beats beginning your day with a good cup of coffee — especially if it’s easily ordered online and delivered directly to your doorstep.


I had difficulties designing and building a website in Shopify. Jellybolt helped me build a usable website fast and this allowed me to focus on selling and building up the online sales process. A website is crucial for all online advertising and a good one helps you acquire more customers. I managed to establish an online presence for my brand and acquired many customer leads. For anyone who needs a website to reach customers online, I highly recommend working with Jellybolt.

Co-Founder of Ounced