Image by Tsuyuri Hara

Establishing local presence for an international tech company setting up in Singapore

Aria Maps is a high tech company based in Germany that provides detailed indoor analytics and customer analytics with its cutting edge artificial intelligence approach.

Services: Done-for-you Squarespace website, Website Design, Art Direction


When they set up an office in Singapore, their marketing team wanted to quickly establish their online presence. They approached us to handle the set up, design and layout of a Squarespace website which they could easily maintain and update on their own.


We wanted to create an informative website for our crowd analytics product. Having worked together with Jellybot on a previous project, we went back to them again for help with creating a landing page for our business. Even though we could have done it ourselves in Squarespace, we decided to let them handle it so that we could focus more on sales. We’ll definitely work with them again!

Isaac (Head of New Business at Ariadne)