Rescuing a cocktail bar during Covid-19 lockdown

Many brick-and-mortar businesses were forced to go online during the Covid-19 pandemic — one of them was The Elephant Room. Faced with uncertainty, we worked together to prepare their business for the new normal.

Services: Website Rescue, Done-for-you Wix Website, SEO, Website Design


Fixed web design issues in Wix

Improved UX, SEO and discoverability



Like many small businesses, The Elephant Room (a unique cocktail bar in Singapore) created their very own website with Wix.

When the Covid-19 lockdown hit, they suddenly found themselves having to adjust to a new normal. Customers were looking for cocktail deliveries but their website wasn’t ready for eCommerce. With little knowledge on Wix customisation and SEO, The Elephant Room came to us for help.

Partnering with Jellybolt

Our first priority was to fix critical web design issues plaguing their Wix website — oversized images, buggy scrolling, illegible text, blank empty spaces and many others. Once done, we set up their eCommerce store for their unique drinks. This new online shopping experience allowed customers to savour The Elephant Room’s cocktails during the lockdown in the comfort of their own homes. Finally, we implemented Google Analytics, Search Console and improved their SEO by combing through their pages and ensuring relevant keywords and meta tags were in place.


Online brand discoverability increased through proper implementation of SEO keywords and tags. Fixing web design issues also improved the shopping experience for customers looking for tasty cocktails to savour during lockdown.


During Covid-19, we had to shut our bar operations and transition to ecommerce. It was sudden but Jellybolt was there to help. They revamped our website and improved the user experience for our customers. They even gave helpful advice on our marketing strategy and tactics we can implement to attract more customers.

Jellybolt knew not just what I wanted, but what I needed to move my business forward during Covid. Leaving these tasks with them gave me more time to focus on my day-to-day operations.

Yugi (Owner of The Elephant Room)